Sunday, May 27, 2018

It's Good To Be Me!

What a great month this has been! Work continues to be more than hectic, but in spite of that, I've spent a couple of weekends in Canmore, and a weekend in Medicine Hat, I've hung out with old friends, and I've made some new ones! And the icing on the cake has been the marvelous weather - it is freaky how summer-like the temps are!

Early morning fog.

A few Sundays back, my scramble plans downgraded into a nice cruisey bike ride. My poor ol' hardtail (which actually is not a bad set of wheels!) has been left unattended in my dusty Canmore parking garage for far too long. Between de-griming the Rocky Mountain-eer and fiddling with my brand new bike pump, it took me about 90 minutes and a desperation you-tube search to clean 'er up and figure out how to fill tires that have Presta-style valves. Oy. At any rate, I ended up having an enjoyable afternoon, sailing along the Canmore trails, soaking up the lovely town views.

I also added a new print to my condo - it is one of my fave photos that I had mounted in a gallery-box.

It's Rock Isle Lake - maybe I should have gone bigger?

The Victoria Day weekend took me south, to see my parents in Medicine Hat. We had a great visit, and I also played my first round of golf in I don't know how long! Eeeeeek!

I met up with Toni and her nephew and we swung our clubs for a leisurely nine holes at the charming little Paradise Valley golf course. And because it just wouldn't be a round of golf in Southern Alberta without seeing one.... a healthy looking bull snake slid across the 16th fairway right before we teed off!

The three-day vacation was a nice treat, but then it was back to the grind for four days of solid chaos. Which brings me to this past weekend, where I thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine and fresh mountain air with some ladies from a hiking group I've joined.

Ahhhhh, the backroads!

Avalanche debris - wow!

I have been back in Red Deer for less than three hours, and already I'm homesick for Canmore. *SIGH*  But I can't complain.... Life is pretty sweet..... It really is good to be me!


Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Days of May

The days of May.... are flying by.... representative of this crazy life I lead! One of the said days just happened to be my birthday. That's right. Cinco de Mayo has come and gone, yet again. *SIGH*

Truth be known, I'm relatively indifferent about getting older. There is absolutely (plug your ears kids!) F*CK ALL that I can do about it, so I'm embracing it. And I am determined to have the year of my life!

The month started off with a Social Club function that I attended with my friend and co-worker Bev....

Mixology was on the agenda, and we learned to shake-shake-shake a few delicious summer drinks. Yum!

Next up.... my good friend Vida was in town, and as coincidence would have it, she celebrates her birthday within a few days of mine... so this year I was fortunate enough to share in the 'feliz cumpleanos' festivities with her....

And, as per her usual considerate, thoughtful, lovely self, later in the weekend I received a bag full of lovely goodies from my bestie Lisa.....

Needless to say, I had an exceptional birthday / birthday weekend / birthday week! Everybody should be so lucky......

This weekend I am in Canmore, my truly happy place, and I'm looking forward to having lunch on top of Miner's Peak tomorrow - supposed to be +24C! Wow. I need a recharge, in a really big way, and I know that a slow and steady grind, surrounded by snow-dusted peaks, which ends in a familiar yet monumental vista, is just what the doctor would order. :)


This.... is forty-nine.....