Monday, October 5, 2020

The Previous 648 Hours

And just like that.... my September evaporated in front of my eyes, leaving me in major envy of my hiking friends who were able to enjoy several of the beauty fall days outside in the mountains. I on the other hand, spent 24 days in a row showing up at work, followed by a 3-day road trip to BC - which was a hectic but very welcome change of scenery. 

The chaos of my job.... well, no need to talk about it really - I am blaming it all on 2020! LOL!  And the BC visit.... it had been in the plans for quite sometime to zip out and give Nichole a hand with moving into a new place, so I ducked out of work and we hit the road west from Canmore well before the sun came up on Friday morning.

The Bohemian Cafe

Fintry Falls

Lake Okanagan

Once the furniture was arranged, boxes were unpacked, and other miscellaneous moving-related tasks were complete, we soaked up some Okanagan sunshine during a Saturday afternoon stroll. And then first thing Sunday morning, we were headed back home. It was about a 66-hour whirlwind tour! 

Can't drive through Sicamous without
stopping to look at the lake!

The fall colors were spectacular along the drive, which was a treat to see, especially since I haven't been out to experience them up close and personal yet. Maybe next weekend? Here's hoping work returns to its usual dull roar and autumn hangs in there for a wee bit longer!