Sunday, November 16, 2014

Shoulder Season

Oy. It's that time of year. That time of year when there's not a whole lot to do outside. Hence the lapse in blog posts - I don't have anything exciting to report!

We made a quick trip out to Shuswap Lake last month and a quick trip down to Medicine Hat this month, and we've been to Canmore a few times. Other than that, I've been spending a lot of time at work. The new job is great, but it is super busy. Hopefully with the onset of the Christmas season, things will quiet down a bit!


Long weekend traffic!

Lovin' the fresh mountain air!

The one good thing about this time of year is that ski season is just around the corner! We picked up our passes and are now anxiously awaiting a healthy accumulation of snow.... Next weekend might just be the inaugural weekend!
Hope everyone is staying warm and finding fun things to do during the shoulder season!