Sunday, February 25, 2018

Snow Time

Day one.... week one.... month one.... all are over and done..... Wow. Where has the time gone! It has been a hectic few months, but some awesome entertainment has been enjoyed amongst the havoc. It started in early February with a chilly but lively get-together of the Cooke Clan....

Newly engaged!
Congrats Jen and Rod!

A lovely day out at the Cookes' place!

I've also been doing some snow biking - you know, the version that requires a slight amount of human power....

The fat tire bikes are a blast and this past weekend offered up some stellar weather for being outside. A chunk of time was spent inside as well, to hang this beast on the wall in my place in Canmore - a limited edition print by local artist Fraser McGurk.....

My favorite of the Rockies - Castle Mountain!

I have a crazy-busy work schedule that is not going to let up for a few more months, so I am powering myself through it by living from weekend to weekend. Which means that as of this evening, there are only four more sleeps until the next weekend is here! Yeah!