Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just Happy to be Outside

This past weekend was fabulous! The weather was unexpectedly gorgeous, so Chris and I got out to Canmore and enjoyed a couple of amazing days in the mountains.

Saturday, we peddled the Cascade Fire Road to the river.... and were moderately disappointed to find that (even though the Parks Canada trail report did clearly state that the bridge was out!) the normally mild-flowing water was pretty much a raging torrent.... and hence became our turnaround point since it definitely was not fordable.

The end of the trail. Boooo.

There's the bridge!

The Fun-mobile!

It was a great ride nonetheless, and after stopping in at a pub in Banff for the requisite after-biking beers, we had time to zip up Tunnel Mountain.

What an awesome view down the Bow Valley!

Cool view of the Banff townsite from the top of Tunnel Mountain.

On Sunday, we took a drive up the Banff/Jasper Parkway to the always fantastic Bow Lake, where we did the nice little hike up to Bow Glacier Falls.

Crowfoot Mountain and Bow Lake

Look at the color of that water!

The moraine makes a neat landscape!

Bow Glacier Falls

Soooo lucky to have all this in our back yard!
Lovin' being outside!

Every single day, I am immensely grateful that this is our playground. And I can hardly wait for our next adventure - biking the Kettle Valley Railway in mid-July!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Planes, trains, and automobiles!

Okay so maybe this post should be titled just "Trains".... with the odd peddle bike thrown in for good measure!

Last week, I bought myself a shiny new bicycle. Admittedly, I was due - my previous bike had rolled many, many miles, and seeing as how I purchased it in mid-1998, it truly had earned a relic status. And since I do quite like peddling, and since I have a place in the mountains, I figured it was time to take the plunge and get myself an actual mountain bike!

My sweet ride is on the left. And yes, the
bikes are in my living room.... LOL!

My new set of wheels is a Rocky Mountain Soul 29 - red, of course - and so far I love it! On Saturday, we rode the Legacy Trail from Banff to Canmore and back. Approximately 53km of loveliness is what it was!

We were the 245th and 246th people to use the trail on Saturday!

Lunch and beers before the peddle home....
Great way to spend an afternoon!
Now for the "Trains" part.... Ever since I heard about it years ago, I've been saying that I'd like to take the old train from Stettler to Big Valley. And finally on Sunday, we went and checked it out! What a blast!
We hung out in the 'bar car' and enjoyed
some fantastic entertainment!
The train was "robbed"! All the loot collected went to
the Alberta Children's Hospital however - nice!
As per usual on these types of excursions, we met some really great people and had a grand old time. We were well fed, well watered, and completely entertained the entire day. It was a totally worthwhile outing!
Next on the agenda: spend time in Canmore! Hopefully this weekend will bring some biking, hiking, golfing, or all of the above! As long as I get to be outside, I don't care what we do. Love the outdoors!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Every day is Father's Day......

..... and Mother's Day, for that matter! In my opinion, it is totally cool that there are days set aside specifically where we acknowledge how special our parents are.... but if you really think about it, we should be doing that EVERY day, shouldn't we?!

Last week, I mailed my father a card which of course, in my scatterbrained fashion of late, did not arrive on time for the said "Father's Day". And I possibly was tardy with my mom's card back in May as well. Tsk. So, along with continuing to utilize the formal Mother's Day / Father's Day venues, I'm going to take this random opportunity to tell both of the people who are responsible for my being, how much they mean to me! Parents, I love you!

In light of this past Sunday, I came across the following list of "Dad's Favorite Sayings", and it made me laugh so hard.... I'm certain I heard all of these growing up - not only from my Dad, but from my Mom too!

Check out number 7 and number 4..... too funny!

At any rate, I guess my point here is that every single day, whether I say it out loud or not, I adore my parents and appreciate everything they have ever done for me. They are fun, fabulous people, and my Sister and I turned out pretty darn good as a result of having them as our parents!

Taken a few years ago at Bow Falls - one of my fave pics of them!

Selfie with the Parents!

Thank you Duncan and Elinor!