Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fun without the sun!

Today wasn't the most pleasant day, weather-wise... but it was great none the less! Two friends of mine and I zipped up to Prairie View Lookout at Barrier Lake, where we took in the awesome view of the lake and it's namesake mountain. I recently bought another point'n'shoot camera (if you are at all interested in it, I'll be reviewing it on my photo blog), so I was itching to get it outside and take some pics with it. The light was really flat but the girls wore bright colors, which was appreciated!
Anyway, this is the last day I'll be spending out in Canmore until we get back from down under... and I'm really glad I was able to get out and enjoy it!
Now, the focus will be shifting to sorting gear, deciding what to take, and packing for the trip. I'm getting quite excited!! Sounds like the folks we are meeting there are having a blast, and soon we will be joining them!! Yaaayyyy for vacation!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Canmore Hoodoos

Well, it's been typical fall weather... not completely sh*te, but not overly nice either. Just barely crappy enough to keep me from being super-motivated to get out and do stuff!! Ick. Oh well. Soon we will be in Australia and busy as can be, so I'm not going to beat myself up over it! Yeah!
Anyhow, this afternoon I did get my carcass outside for a few hours. I'm in Canmore and I wandered over to the hoodoos on the side of the hill above the cemetery. For the last three years, everytime I've driven across the bridge and up Elk Run Boulevard, I've muttered to myself that I really should check them out. So today I finally did! They are quite neat actually, a bit of an anomaly. The softer soil around them was eroded by the glaciers and the hoodoos were left standing. They have changed a little bit since the early 1900's, but they pretty much look the same as they did back then (there is an old photo and an interpretive sign on the trail). I took my fish-eye lens and my Lensbaby and snapped some pics of the formations, so not only did I get a bit of fresh air and exercise, I also had fun playing with my camera. Bonus!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hangin' in there...

**WHEW** I'm now on day 6, of 7 in a row, of work. ICK. I just need to hang on for about 40 more hours, and I'll be able to hopefully enjoy 11 or 12 days in a row, of play!! Yeah!! The weather is supposed to pick up a bit this weekend, which would be nice - since I still have soooo many objectives on my 'Things To Do When You're Not At Work' hit list. Then it will be crazy for a few weeks, and then... Australia!! We'll be gone for a month, and I can hardly wait. I'm trying hard not to think about it too much, because I get super distracted, and surely I'm annoying my co-workers with my pre-travel neurosis! Although I know deep down they'll miss me when I'm gone... hee hee!
I think my friend Lynn may join me for a day hike this weekend, if the temps are reasonable, and perhaps I may even convince my best friend Jynelle to come to Canmore for a visit. Yeah! Friends, the outdoors, probably a bit of rum... good times!