Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sayonara, Seventh Month!

In what seems like a heartbeat, another July has pretty much evaporated like a water droplet on a hot barbeque grill. Time definitely marches by more quickly when a person is busy, that's for sure. And even though things have been picking up at work, I've been finding plenty of days to go play as well.

For the most part, month number seven has been enjoyable, offering up fabulous weather with the exception of the odd nasty storm cell that has pummeled the city. So in the throes of the serious summer temperatures, I finally decided to 'domesticate' somewhat and actually had a bit of fun sprucing up my deck.

Thanks Toni! She helped me pick out some plants.

Gerber daisies - my favorite!

I was quite proud of the end result - a couple of cool flower boxes, a plant pot, and some other patio decorations made the space a pleasant place to sit and relax. However, my joy was short-lived. Two nasty hail storms later and.... I'm not as stoked as I was a few weeks ago, just sayin'....

What the....????

The aftermath!

Anywho.... let's not dwell shall we, as there have been enough other fun things going on to distract me from the futility of my not-so-green-thumb efforts!

Checking out the Brooks and Dunn concert as well as making some miles in the mountains have rounded out this July nicely. Grizzly Peak and Helen Lake are repeats for me but are beauty hikes just the same, and Helen Lake is always especially entertaining with the fearless, goofy marmots that live in the area.

Yes, that's right - that is Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks, up close and personal.
Their concert was the only stampeding I did this year, and it was well worth it!

The col below Grizzly Peak.

Grizzly Peak summit.

Helen Lake

Lovely view of Dolomite Peak.

Crazy marmot!

He seemed to think I was going to share....

As we roll into the eighth month of the year, I'm looking forward to much more of the same! The pace will be kicking it up a notch at work for sure, and my plan is to keep up to that pace in the extracurricular activity department as well. Can't wait!