Thursday, August 22, 2019

Time keeps on ticking!

And here we are, on the downslope of August.... ugh.... summer (if you want to call it that!) is whizzing by! The past month though, has been a most excellent mishmash of land-lubbing and water-logging. I've hiked, wake-surfed, seadoo'd and SUP'd, all in the same day. I've enjoyed beach fires and cold drinks and the odd game of horseshoes, most of those same evenings. I've even managed to put a few hundred kilometers on my Fatty. Fun fun FUN!

The time spent at and around Cooke Cove this summer was exceptional. Let's start with the weather.... it was PHENOMENAL! Two glorious weeks of nothing but sunshine and temps in the 30 degree C range - how can you not be doing cartwheels about that?? Plus the company was lovely! Kids and friends, and kids of friends... so much love and many many laughs! Complete awesomeness!

Day 1: Traffic was somewhat gnarly on the trip out to Shuswap Lake, and we were blasted by a wicked storm east of Revy.

But by the time we arrived in Sicamous and cruised up to the cabin, it was like we were in a different world.

Days 2-14: This was the first summer in years that there hasn't been a fire ban, so that's one positive outcome of the non-stop soggy June and July, right!?

I managed to convince the group to explore some new terrain with me at the Narrows, on foot that is.... thanks people, for being such good sports!


And of course the colorful sunsets over the Shuswap are a sight to behold. Photos never do them justice!

All the young'ns departed us after the first week, which left the place pretty darn quiet until the neighbors showed up.

A rare empty beach moment!

Here come 'the neighbors'..... LOL! Good times!

Chris's new surf boat was a hit, and the seadoo also saw its share of hours on the water.

Gotta love the surfing thing - low speed, low impact - it is painless on the old bones! However I think I still prefer the serenity of my SUP....

The fabulous sandy beach at the end of Anstey Arm is not surprisingly getting more and more popular. A few of us diehards (and by diehards I mean barefoot and beer-toting!) broke away from the crowds one afternoon and did the hike into Hunakwa Lake - it was gorgeous! Even the 'river crossing' to get to the trailhead was refreshing.

Green is my favorite color!

And, it really felt like Momma Nature was on our side, because the only serious clouds we saw the entire holiday were on the day we headed home. Also, unlike the drive west, traffic traveling east was far more quiet.

Post-lake-ation I'm kind of coasting (sorry boss, if you are reading this!), as we are heading to Canmore and then out to Skoki Lodge tomorrow. So I have been preoccupied with planning that mini-vacay, as well as getting some road-trip stuff lined up for the following weekend.

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we are soon coming up on yet another September.... oy.... Life passes by, so darn quick. Better get out and enjoy it!