Friday, June 19, 2020

Sucker for punishment.....

Well, the weekend in Radium pushed me over the edge.... watching everybody have so much fun on their dirtbikes was enough to make me start shopping for another one.... because apparently the best thing to do when you fall off the horse is to pick yourself up and get right back on it! 😜  (You can read about my 'fall off the horse' incident here if you like!)  So a quick trip was made to Calgary last Friday and *BAM* just like that I own a TT-R230.

Chris and I proceeded to spend a day out west, doing some mellow riding so that I could get my moto mojo back. It was awesome!

We stopped to check out Cow Lake - it is pretty nice!

I'm looking forward to a whole new adventure with this sport and like to think I am somewhat smarter this time around! LOL!

In other news, we've had some wicked weather cells roll through the Red Deer area recently. These are some calm-before-the-storm pics as well as some fun lightning pics.

Enjoy the sun when it shines everybody!


Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Glamping, beautiful BC style!

What a stellar weekend we had, camping out near Radium! The drive out was a mix of bizarre rain squalls and was filled with wildlife sightings (4 bears, 2 elk, numerous deer), and the landscape was so lush.... Some friends have a slice of paradise near Brisco which they graciously shared with about 16 of us, and a great time was had by all!

The view from camp!

Our lovely hostess Cara.

Preparing for the evening's game of giant jenga!

Beauty view of the Columbia River valley!

Guess we're not taking that road!

Very cool re-direct of the creek, for irrigation
purposes in the valley below.

This is the life!

As per usual, days off go by way too fast, however this week at work has gone by surprisingly quickly - tomorrow is already Thursday! Which is really like my Friday. 😊 Yippeee!!

Wherever you are in your schedule, enjoy!


A storm is rolling in - this was from back in May.