Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Family Time

I just got back from an awesome long weekend with the parents in Arizona!

Bouse, AZ... when you can see it...

...and when you can't! There was a bit of a dust storm...


Blackrock Cafe

My folks spend the winters in a teeny tiny place called Bouse, west of Phoenix, where the temperatures are mostly beautiful! Aside from some quality visiting with the family and many of their friends, I got to do some kick-ass desert quadding, plus I got to see the London Bridge!

Southern Cross Mine

Ha ha! Read the sign! (actually it's better when you can't....)

Perfect day for a ride!

Say cheeeeeeeese!!

Amazing ladies!

Brought a bit of the desert back with me.

What a cool day, with my very cool Mom!!

Oh and yes, you  read that right - I did say that I got to see the London Bridge. In Arizona. At Lake Havasu City to be exact....

London Bridge (the second one!)
Lighthouse at Lake Havasu
The things I see in my travels....

Thanks so much Mom & Dad, for everything! It was super to see you and I look forward to seeing you guys again soon!!

Meet the parents!

Now, just nine more sleeps and... it's off to Europe! Wow. I'm so distracted and excited and I can hardly wait! It is going to be a fabulous trip! Until then... work work work...


Saturday, January 7, 2012

A taste of Europe....

Oh yeah, baby!! I'm doing it! I'm FINALLY going to Europe! Woot woot!! The plane tickets are booked - we leave February 3rd... making a stop in Paris... then on to Barcelona, for a road trip down the Mediterranean coast to Gibraltar and a detour to Morocco... Can you say EXCITED!!! Wow, have I mentioned lately how much I love seeing the world!?

Lonely Planet is one of my bestest friends!!

I have an extremely busy summer coming up, work-wise, so with the exception of a few smaller jaunts, this will be my last big hurrah until at least late into autumn. Oooooooh I can hardly wait!