Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So grateful!

Wow! I have so much great stuff to look forward to, not only throughout this upcoming summer, but into next winter, and for sure the following spring as well. Exciting times are ahead!

And, to start it all off, I got me some new hiking boots..... Mmmmm, I do love gear!!

In just a few short months, these puppies are going to take me from sea to sky! Actually, it will be the other way around.... I'm starting in a northern mountain range and finishing up along the Pacific ocean - trekking the Tombstones, followed by rocking the West Coast Trail. August and September are going to be wicked!!

The yummy Yukon!
Some West Coast wonderful!

Seriously, I have to step back sometimes and pinch myself and give my head a shake. I am incredibly fortunate, and not a day goes by that I don't recognize and remind myself of that! Look where I live, and look what I get to enjoy on a regular basis!

West End of Rundle - from Tunnel Mtn

One of my bestest friends!! Luv ya Tonska!!

I appreciate and have learned so much from everything I've experienced in my life. I live with no regrets, and I can't envision that changing, ever. As William Wallace (Braveheart) once said: "Every man dies, but not every man really lives."  True story! I need to go to my grave feeling as though I've really lived.

Now, on a completely unrelated note..... this group does an amazing rendition of Gotye's recent hit song. Check it out!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back for more....

Another day of snowboarding.... and another day of fun was had by all! We went to Lake Louise today, and it was fantastic - everybody left the hill with a smile!

I think she likes it!

Definitely getting the hang of it!

I even got some new duds.... so now I have no excuse! LOL!

Kokanee Cabin - apr├Ęs boarding! 
Too bad the season is almost over - however, I had a great winter and will definitely be trying this snowboarding thing again next year!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Let's try this again....

Oy, oy, oy..... My last experience on a snowboard was not a pretty one.... I ended the day by dragging my carcass off the hill, feeling like somebody worked me over with a Louisville Slugger! Today however, went much much better.... so much better in fact, that I'm going to board again tomorrow!

We took a lesson this morning, and it was super fun! Our instructor was a very cool young fellow named Ryan, and we had lots of laughs. By the end of it, we had acquired some skills and definitely gained confidence - Lindsay especially! She picked it up incredibly quick and can't wait to go back!

Looking good Lindsay!

Havin' fun!

Pro-snowboarder in the making!

Right now it is a toss-up whether we head to Lake Louise or just go back to Sunshine tomorrow, since the snow is so amazing there and the forecast is looking darn fine. No matter where we end up though, it will be a good time! Yeah!


Thursday, April 11, 2013


Oh, yeah baby! Haleakala is as gorgeous as I remember, and it is definitely my favorite place on Maui. I love everything about it - the colors, the geology, the vastness, being up high, the views, the smells, the history....

Haleakala is over 10,000 feet ASL!

Government observatory

Surreal landscape!


Driving from sea level to 10,000 feet is very cool... the switch-backy road is super fun (at least it is when you're the driver!). and the sights are unbeatable. The variety seen in the landscape in such a short distance is incredible.

After spending the better part of the day touring to and around Haleakala, we chilled in Paia and I enjoyed (in a sad way) my last Maui rum. Then it was off to the airport to catch the red-eye home.

And..... POOF! Another fabulous vacation comes to an end. However, all that really means, is that it's high time to plan the next adventure!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Highlight Alert!

Alright, I do declare..... for me, yesterday was officially the highlight of this trip to Maui! We spent the day on a catamaran and sailed to Lana'i and back. It was nothing short of fabulous, let me tell you! Paragon is the name of the charter company, and they showed us such a fantastic time - huge thanks to Ryan, Arca, and Bekka.

En route to Lana'i

Spinner dolphins - which I was too busy
watching and not photographing! LOL!
We saw multiple schools of spinner dolphins and even a few whales. A place called Manele Bay was where we snorkeled, and then we went ashore for lunch and beach time and exploring.
I highly recommend these guys! Awesome!
On a bluff on Lana'i, with Sweetheart Rock in the background.
The sail back to Lahaina Harbor was so much fun! We were under full main and jib, and I think our speed topped out at around 15kts. The swell was moderately large at times and nobody on the front half of the boat stayed dry! A blue-water swim in the calmest, deepest, most incredibly colored water I've ever been in rounded out the afternoon for us.
It was a stellar day on and in the water, but the good times didn't end when we got off the boat.... Last nite was equally as entertaining - we went to a Luau, where we were treated like VIP's! The meal was wicked - traditional Polynesian fare - and the dancing was crazy!
I took it easy on the Mai-Tais however, because today we drove the east Maui loop - which is the Road to Hana and beyond. I've done the drive before, but nobody else had, so we piled into the Jeep, rolled back the roof, and put on about 150 of the most winding miles ever.
 Black Sand Beach
Beyond Hana
It has been a fairly action-packed week so far, and tomorrow will be no exception - we are checking out Haleakala - which may very well be my favorite place on the island. I'll be sure to let you know if it is as stunning as I remember!