Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Longest April EVER....

Hahaha! I recently heard a morning radio show host describe this year's month of May that way, and it's pretty accurate! It certainly does not feel like only 10 more sleeps until June, however there is not much a person can do about Mother Nature's mood, except make the best of it. And having some great friends come visit me in Canmore for the long weekend was definitely making the best of it!

I met Wendy last summer on my trip into the Bugaboos, and she and her sweetie Dave live in the Okanagan. They made the drive out to the Rockies late last week for a few days of fun in the not sun.

Dave is a seriously talented woodworker, and he carved this totem pole over
a decade ago.... it is still looking glorious in a Canmore home's front yard!

We spent one afternoon poking around the shops downtown, and I picked myself up a couple of new pieces of art from Fallen Leaf Art Gallery. I love trees, and these unique carvings are out of honeycomb onyx, which apparently is only found in Utah. Shout out to the friendly, generous gallery owners who also gifted me a cool stand for my Three Sisters piece when I was ogling their lovely stained glass displays.

Cool stand! It was exactly what
I was looking for!

And, of course I dragged my guests out hiking! On a long weekend it was especially challenging to escape the crowds, but we did manage to find our way to a deserted beach and enjoy lunch in peace.

We also had a beautiful evening at the top of Sulphur Mountain, where the skies started to clear up just as we arrived. I hadn't been up there since the new building construction was complete, so we went for a fabulous dinner at the Sky Bistro.

What a view from the gondola!

The vista is amazing! I highly recommend a late dinner
reservation, so that you can enjoy a Rockies sunset.

The days went by far too fast, as they always do when I'm not at work, but it was quality over quantity for sure. I'm not gonna lie.... I am excited for 'April' to end.... I am ready to see green rather than white in my pictures!


I received an anonymous birthday wish in
the mail... the kind words along with the treat
tucked inside the card were a nice surprise!
Thank you to the sender, whoever you are!

Monday, May 6, 2019


And, after all the hype.... a half-century of it to be exact..... it is over. Turning the big 5-0 has come and gone. Celebrating my fiftieth trip around the sun was uneventful. Not even painful really. Except of course the day after the Cinco de Mayo party. But that was my own fault.... LOL!

As always, Michelle is the gracious hostess
with the most-est..... Gracias Amiga!

Never a dull moment in the Simpson Shop!

I was also quite surprised, when invited out for supper by my bestie Toni the other night. Not that I was surprised to go out with her - it was a nice treat to plan a supper date.... the unexpected part was that she gathered together the girls, and got the coolest birthday cake for me.... the evening was awesome! We had lots of laughs and I ate lots of icing.... mmmm....

Thank you THANK YOU Toni!
You are so thoughtful! xxoo

So cool!!! Love the picture!!!

These were mighty big shooters! Thanks Charlotte!

Other than that, it's been a quiet couple of weeks. The Social Club had another rustic sign painting night, so I checked that out, and now I'm impatiently waiting for some patio weather so that I can hang up my new artwork.... 

If Mother Nature could please make up her mind about what season she'd like to be in, that'd be great. The winter tires came off and as Murphy would have it, the snow flurried pretty much the next day. Oy.

May 2nd!

Anyway, I am sure spring will get here eventually, although I do hope it will be sooner rather than later!!