Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back to the Grind

All good things must come to an end, so they say... who are "they", anyway!!?? Well, the vacation is over, but it was a fantastic time and I look forward to going back someday! We met many great people and had so much fun... now it's time to head back to work and earn another 'playcheque', as I like to call it! At least we didn't have to return to nasty cold weather; it feels possibly like spring is in the air?? Cheers.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Welcome to the jungle...

Yesterday, we drove up to the Arenal Observatory Lodge, located fairly high on the volcano's south ridge, where we enjoyed an unbelievable view of Volcan Arenal... I watched in awe as it rumbled and belched out large rocks and smoke; I could have looked at it for hours! We hiked up to Cerro Chato, which is a crater lake surrounded by DENSE jungle, and we made it back down to the lodge just prior to a massive tropical rain storm. Then we went back to the spa, and both Todd and I spoiled ourselves with massages - Todd had a Swedish massage that worked out every last knot in his body, and I (being a bit of a massage fraidy-cat) had a reflexology massage. It was divine, to say the least! Today, we drove from La Fortuna, south through Quesada, down to Naranjo, across to Puntarenas, and north to Liberia. The narrow roads wound through the lush green countryside and were jammed with vehicles, so it was slow going, but it was fun to see some different areas. Costa Rica is sooooo beautiful!


Friday, April 4, 2008

Paradise lives in La Fortuna

Well kids, I think we found it... paradise... or, as the locals call it, Tabacon Hot Springs. Yesterday, we left Bahia Salinas after 10 fantastic days of great company and amazing kitesurfing. After a slight delay in Liberia (some weird Costa Rican bank machine gobbled up my debit card and we had to jump through several hoops to retrieve it), we drove the Arenal Route and ended up at Tabacon Hot Springs. The drive around Lago Arenal is spectacular; we stopped at a couple of kitesurfing/windsurfing locations to check out the scene, and we were lured by sign after sign after sign into "Cafe Macademia", which sells the most yummy coffee and fresh macademia nuts and overlooks the northwest end of the lake. Of course the most incredible sight of all is the view of Volcan Arenal... it is the epitome of volcanoes - perfectly conical and continuously spewing a bit of smoke and boulders. We decided to splurge a little and are spending two nights at the Tabacon Hot Springs Resort & Spa - google it if you get a chance, this place is like nothing we've ever stayed at before!!! The hot springs facility is unbelievable!!! Today, we hope to go hiking around the volcano observatory and check out some jungle life. Cheers!