Sunday, January 16, 2011

Change is good!

Happy 2011 everybody! By now, I'm guessing most people have recovered from all the craziness-slash-festivities and are moving right along, since the first month of the year is more than half over! Yeesh.

My year has definitely kicked off on a busy note, and this past sixteen days has gone by in a flash. I worked through the year's end, then I began a new role within the same company which has me planning for our upcoming plant turnaround. It has barely started and already I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew! However, it's not the first time I've gotten myself into something that initially feels way beyond me... I'm hoping I'll figure it out.

As well, I made a quick trip to Phoenix to see my family, and while I would have loved to have done some hiking, I didn't quite have enough time and instead got in plenty of quality visiting. Well I think it was quality, anyhow... my parents may beg to differ!! I made them take me to the massive Signal Butte flea market (two days in a row!!), to bookstores, and to organic grocery stores, subsequent to which I bombarded them with a ton of nutritional information.  My Dad sadly isn't in as good of physical health as he honestly could be, and I'm hoping that by making some minor changes he will be able to feel like his old self again. He is however still extremely sharp-witted... and I expect I'll see a comment on this post at some point from him... remember that I do it because I love you Dad!!! Hee hee. I love you too, Mom!!

Look at that face!! This is Larry, my sister's latest foster dog.
Check out the amazing work she does HERE.

The morning I arrived home from Arizona (a nasty, 50-degree-Celsius temperature change!), we got word that the conditions had been removed from the offer to purchase Todd accepted on the place in Canmore... so it is official - the Canmore condo is SOLD!!! My feelings are mixed - I think I'll definitely miss hanging out in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains at will, but on the other hand, it is going to be awesome to not feel obligated to spend all of our free time there. The deal closes on the 31st, so the next fifteen days are going to consist of packing, moving, and trying to cram two households worth of junk into one. D'OH!! Talk about a challenge!!

Sunrise at 35,000 feet

So stay tuned for the all-new adventures of Todd and Cheryle, which hopefully will begin in March with another sailing trip. In the words of Shrek: Change is good, Donkey!