Sunday, May 29, 2011


Finding the pinhole leak in the bladder out of his 17m kite took Todd the better part of a day... but after hours of pumping and deflating and snooping, and of course cursing a blue streak, the teeny tiny culprit was discovered and patched.

And it was fixed just in time, too - Saturday was windy all day, and we spent it at Gull Lake. The skies were hazey early on from all the wildfire smoke, but by late afternoon it had cleared right off.


Chris and Darryl came out as well, and I think everybody had a pretty good time. Especially Darryl. That guy spends alot of time inverted!



Well, back to work tomorrow. Work. Bleh. I'd so rather be playing! Hopefully the weather is turning for the better and hiking season can seriously begin. Not that I don't enjoy taking pics of these guys on the water but... I'm really looking forward to getting out and stretching my legs on some mountain trails.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

We bought a boat!

Ah ha! I bet that got your attention!! Alright, alright... it's only 15 feet long and it requires a pump, but it is still a boat! Here's the new toy:

It's an inflatable kayak made by Advanced Elements, and it can be paddled by either one or two people. We took it out on Gull Lake today for a test run and have decided it was a grrrrreat purchase!

The convenience of it packing down small enough to fit in my car combined with a set-up time of about five minutes means this is going to be super duper fun on non-windy, non-kitesurfing days this summer. We may even get a second kayak so we can do some river camping trips!

yellow-headed blackbirds in the reeds

Fun fact from the day: Our top speed was 4.6 mph. Todd claims it was all him of course.  ;)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

The In-Laws Go To Maui

Recently, the in-laws vacationed in Maui, and upon their return, Todd's dad gave us a memory stick containing all of the photos from their trip. With Keith being a bit of a shutterbug, this meant we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 pics to browse through. Wow.

Now, since I loved Maui, and since I love pictures, I perused each and every one of them. Then I decided to have a bit of fun with my faves of the bunch. I cropped here and PhotoShop'd there, and basically just enhanced some already very cool shots. I think perhaps Doreen or Keith reads my blog once in a while, so we'll see what they think of them!

Aren't the pictures fabulous! Keith's photography is really great! He has taken some super stellar photos, and this one is my total favorite:

Thanks to Keith and Doreen for sharing their pictures with me (and now with you!).... It was almost as good as going back there myself!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th!

Nah, I'm not superstitious... so I don't really care that today was a 'Friday the 13th'. It was actually a very pleasant day - the sun was out, it was warm, and I wasn't at work! It almost felt like a real summer day! Yeah!

I still have the winter tires on my car however, and it is only mid-May. In the past, swapping over to the summer wheels has almost always been followed by a late spring snow squall... so I'm putting off the changeout as long as I possibly can! Ha ha!! You're welcome!

Cheers! Enjoy the sunshine!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When Bad Things Happen To Good People

Today was.... the most sad day I've had in a long, long time. I got a phone call this morning - the type of phone call that relays the terrible kind of news that up until now I've only ever read about in the papers. A phone call with words that were so unbelievable, so surreal; words that just couldn't be true. But they were: A good friend of ours is with us no longer.

Brent, you are in our thoughts... And while it doesn't make it any better, it does take the sting out of it a bit to know that it happened while you were out doing something you loved, with people you loved.

You are an amazing person who will be missed dearly. Perpetually happy, always upbeat, the phrase "No dramas!", and wool socks in your crazy flip-flops... that is how I will remember you.


My heart goes out to Megan, to your family, and to J and Jody. Brent, you left us far too soon. May you rest in peace, our friend!