Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mid-Life Crisis!

Ahhhh, those three (sometimes) dreaded words... very commonly tossed around at forty-something year olds.... when we get to the point in life where we just don't give a sh*t whether we are judged by others.... and we splurge on something that makes us feel like we've been taken back to our youth! Oh yeah baby! The conclusion I've come to is that everybody should have one. A mid-life crisis that is. Because we've earned it! And because really, it's so darn much fun!!

2012 HD Sportster XL 1200 Custom
Yes people, that is ME. A couple of weeks after my 43rd birthday. Standing beside a Harley. MY Harley. For real. Woot woot!! Hands down, the best purchase I've ever made! I don't have a license just yet (work has been totally getting in the way), but I do have almost a thousand klicks on the bike already... I learned to ride it after a friend kindly brought it home for me, and I've been on it every nice day since! Wow, what a riot!

So anyway. Some random advice to all of my "mid-life" friends: Don't fight it - enjoy it! You go around only once.