Wednesday, August 29, 2018

One Heli of a Trip!

I've been daydreaming for quite some time about going heli-hiking, which is odd I know, considering my irrational fear of flying in a helicopter! But for me, there has always been something bewitching about the idea of being choppered into the middle of nowhere, to wander with abandon, where very few (if any!) boots have trundled prior. So last week I finally went ahead and booked a trip with CMH into the Bugaboos - what a time!

Let me start by saying that the staff is absolutely fantastic! From the friendly booking agent, to the trivia-filled transportation host, to the beautiful lodge manager, to the knowledgeable competent guides, to the meticulous young bartender, to the magician of a pilot, and to everybody in between - a massive shout out to all of you. Along with every other lodge guest, I was treated like royalty - each staff member remembered all of our names, and for four glorious days I completely forgot what the real world was like! *SIGH*  I actually didn't even turn on my cell phone.

And the FOOD..... oh.... my.... GAWD.... Meals are a five-star event all the way - breakfast, lunch, tea-goodies (best gingersnap cookies on the planet by the way), and dinner.... Wow..... There is no danger of ever feeling even a pang of hunger. Wow.

So I have been into the Bugaboos before on rock climbing adventures, and when I sifted through my photo archive I was a bit shocked to see the date '2003' on my previous Bugs pics. It has been fifteen years since I was up close and personal with the likes of Bugaboo Spire and Snowpatch Spire - holy cow does time fly! At any rate, this trip was obviously a much more posh experience, with only the dreamy granite backdrop having any semblance of familiarity. The first day was fairly hazy, but as the weekend went by, the forest fire smoke cleared out and the photos began to lose their gritty, apocalyptic feel.

I met so many amazing people - that is always the best part about traveling solo - and I am stoked to have made some new friends with whom I'm sure I will remain connected to for life. Will I do this again? Hmmmm..... I'll have to give it a bit of time and let it fade from my mind somewhat, as I think it would be darn tough to have a better experience.... But never say never, right!!??

You should put this on your bucket list.


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