Thursday, April 23, 2009

Minus 8...

...degrees Celsius, that is! Yep, that's correct... it is April 23rd... and a mere two days ago it was more than 20 degrees ABOVE zero... WTF?! Can you say "Welcome to Alberta!!"
Anyhow, we did get in a day of kitesurfing down at Keho Lake before the weather crapped out. And I must say this snow and gloom is conducive to some awesome couch time!! But, I am quite tired of it already... bring on the sun!! I was really hoping to be a bit more active in the out-of-doors this set of days off, but my return to work is rapidly approaching and I haven't done much of anything. Oh well. Note to self: next year in April - fly away somewhere!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Summer, where are you??

I'm not sure how much more teasing from Mother Nature I can take... How weird has this winter/spring been!! Just when I thought it was all green grass and sunshine from here on in... we get another blast of snow! WTF?? The worst part of it is, that it hasn't been cold enough lately for the snow to matter - I mean, there's really nothing that can be done with it. The ski hill bases are dwindling, so little skiffs pretty much just cover the nasty rocks and roots until about noon the next day... The lakes are rapidly opening up, so 5cm is useless as far as snowkiting goes anymore... And the mountains were just nicely drying off, so moisture up high means more run-off down below that will re-dampen the rock climbing crags... Jeesh.
Speaking of lakes, Keho Lake is completely opened up. That area of the province did NOT get snow recently, and much to many a kitesurfing-diehards' delight, the water kiting season has officially begun! Todd and I drove down to the Kite Ranch yesterday and he was able to get in a decent (albeit chilly) session. Paul and Loren were there, and we met James and Kate (who are amazing kiters!). I had fun taking pics and Todd rode in nuking conditions, and overall it was a great day!
Today we're doing errands in the crappy weather - because there's nothing else to do - and we're keeping our fingers crossed for nicer temps tomorrow.