Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hey! Where ya been?!

Hello, kidinacandyshop stalkers!! LOL! Alright, I've been gooned by a few people recently (including my Dad), for allowing such a time lapse between posts. Jeesh I didn't know anybody was actually paying attention to this site (aside from my Dad!). Ha ha!

Oy, it has been a crazy couple of weeks. Work has been really busy - our turnaround is getting closer and I've been showing up on some of my days off in preparation for it as well as due to other issues we've been having. And between that and still trying to get out and play a bit, well, the time just goes by! So for those of you who are so concerned, here's what's been going down:

My great friend Lynn got married, and I went to the wedding .....

Lynn & Al sharing a laugh - love this one!!
Gorgeous couple!!

I skiied one last time (maybe! this weekend is Sunshine's Slush Cup... might have to check it out!!) and talk about a season finale - it was an incredible, incredible day.....

Finally got to see Assiniboine!
What a view! Now THIS is what Sunshine is all about!

And, I'm contemplating trying out for the LPGA tour... hee hee! Okay well perhaps not just yet... but I did buy myself some new golf clubs... and they are pretty sweet...

TaylorMade RBZ's

I've only had them out at the driving range, but I'm looking forward to getting them out for a real round! It's gonna be soooooo good!!

Well, that's been my life in a nutshell... See? You haven't been missing much - nothing too exciting is going to be happening until late July (due to work - ICK!!). At which time, I hope to be climbing, scrambling, hiking, biking, golfing up a storm!! My objectives list is extremely long, and I can't wait to get started on it! Only sixty (or so) more sleeps!! Hee hee.

Thanks by the way, to those of you who do follow my blog. I love you all!!!