Monday, December 26, 2016

364 more sleeps.....

Well, another Christmas season has come and gone, and here we are with just five days left in 2016. Can you believe it? Wow.

We did some decorating and wrapping at home before heading south to the Hat for a visit.

Wrapping frenzy!
The finished product.

Decorating frenzy!

The finished product.

A rare moment of relaxation in December!

Of course my Mom had some delicious refreshments waiting for us! Best gingerbread cookies EVER by the way.....

Really, what more does a person need??

Hanging with the Parents.

Chris had never been to Red Rock Coulee, so we went
for a walk on a beauty winter day to check it out.

This was the highway as we headed south...
note the outside temp - it was +5C!!

Aaaaaand..... this was the same highway four days later.
Only in Alberta!

Round two of Christmas for us with the Cookes.

Happy Holidays!

December has been a month of pretty much non-stop celebrating! I do find the majority of the festive season to be extremely fun - seeing family and friends, attending parties and gatherings, having drinks and turkey dinners.... But a small part of it continues to be incredibly stressful for me - in particular, the shopping for and selecting gifts part. Inevitably, there is always someone that you just can't please, no matter what. Oy.

Anyhow, overall I really can't complain. I don't go back to work for another week and a half, and in that time there will be more festivities and even some skiing! Woot!

I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season and all the best in 2017!


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Party time!

It has officially begun....  The season of eating and drinking and being merry - and staying up waayyy too late - is here! The weekend was kicked off Friday evening with the company Christmas party, and celebrations of some sort or another pretty much continued right up until the wee hours of this morning.


Photo booth fun!

Between the party Friday night (and the after-party!), and the Rebels hockey game Saturday night (and a post-game visit with the neighbors!), I'm feeling like a few hours on this blustery Sunday afternoon are not nearly enough time to recuperate.... Oy.... I'm confident I will power through however, because starting Thursday, it is vacation vacation vacation for me until after the New Year! Yeah! Love it.